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La Valona is a Mexican chalupería within the Chispería of Chamberí. Mexican food dishes with the best designation of origin ingredients.


Mexican chef César Vega arrived to Spain at the age of 21 to continue his cuisine learning path and willing to get a lot of expertise. Later in his career this expertise would help him fin the perfect balance between traditional and mordern cuisine techniques in order to offer the greatest quality in his creations. Leading him to achieve one of his greatest dreams, to open a gastronomic offer of Mexican cuisine with Spanish touch, La Valona.


At La Valona our body resides in Spain although our heart is very Mexican. So if you want to taste different Mexican food, this is the place to be.


Looking forward to see you here!!!!



"Cooking is passion, struggle, perseverance, friends, family, wine and tradition because is some of these is missing at the table, it is no longer a good meal. It is respect for what you are about to eat, respect for the person taking care of you at the table, respect for the persons with whom you will share food."

César Vega Gordillo.

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